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The case is black, one of the shoulder straps is broken. Zips to a silver clasp in the middle, covered by a flap.
The violin has a "Grand Concerto, fecit in Saxony, ANNO S/N" label inside. There is a notable, narrow fleur de lis inlay in the bottom of the back.The violin was stolen from Imperial College London, 24th/25th November.
My number is 07958100380.
Please get in contact if this much loved violin rings any bells,
Alice Jacques



On the 20th, one violin and bow ( in a brown "gewa" case) were stolen on the train between Brussels and Ghent.

We would be most grateful for your cooperation in this matter.


Filip Suys

Venusstraat 28

9030 Mariakerke



violon : Constantinus “GNATJUK” 1929

archet : Louis Bazin

contact: Filip Suys 0478/60 00 50



I am contacting you because a valuable viola and bow have recently been stolen from me and I would very much appreciate you letting me know if they happened to turn up in your shop.
The instrument was a 16.5 inch viola made by Antonio Capela in 1978 (as shown on the label inside) and it was taken together with a Hill violin bow stamped 'W. E. H & S'. They were both in a blue shaped case.

The theft happened around the beginning of May, and I have let both the police and my insurance company know about it. I have of course been badly affected by the loss of these items which I depended on for my professional work, and would greatly appreciate any news about their whereabouts.
With many thanks for any help you can offer me,
Julian Latham
Mobile: 0780 415 6119




My violin was stolen off a train at Finsbury Park station Monday night, 6 June 2011. If you see it please contact me at 07975650313 or the police right away- the case number is B01-047-239-2011.

Violin: a Stradivarius copy by Andrew Ryan. An "Antonio Stradivari" label is inside, but Andrew Ryan's name is on the bridge. Light brown, old finish. When stolen it had Larsen Tzigane strings on (with bright blue thread winding at the top of the strings) and a middle chin rest (directly over the tailpiece). The pegs are brown with a little black ring around each, and the A string peg's black ring is slightly loose.

Bow: a Nurnberger, with gold medal on the heel and a purple and pink pearl slide.

It was in a black shaped Gewa case with red velvet inside- there was also a very cheap bow inside the case as well. At the time it was stolen, there was a red "Oberlin alumni" tag on the outside.

Sarah Titterington Ibbett                                                                                    RECOVERED



STOLEN VIOLIN DETAILS  28th of August 2010

Unfortunately, on the 28th of August my violin was stolen from my flat.

Case: Dark green 'Gewa' case, rough fabric material.
Wear marks on the top of the larger zip section and near the clasp to open the case.
My contact details may still be in the smaller zip compartment at the top of the case.

Violin: 'Bristol Violin Shop' printed on the bottom of the bridge.
Inside left F hole, the words 'Antonious Stradivarius' are visible (as it is a copy), along with the date 1735, and one of the numbers has been re-written in pen i think.
Characteristic black dots on bottom right of front of body
Black tail piece and chin rest

Bow: 'Roger Breton' inlayed upon the heal section of the bow
Slight dirt on bow hairs near the heal as well

Please see the attached photo for help with identification.

If it is brought in to you, please hold it for valuing or something similar, and then inform the police, quoting incident number 1276 of 29/08/10
Please also then inform me on 07949421796.

Obviously, this instrument is of great personal value to me, and if you would be so kind as to forward this on to any other shops which sell second hand string instruments, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Joe Yon


Violin by Thomas Kennedy 1820, London. Maple flamed back, watermark on ribs 50099:1, labelled Thomas Kennedy, Oxford Street 1820, Bridge by David Rattray, set up black pegs and black chin rest.

Violin Bow stamped W Hill - Binding at the tip, glued repair.

Violin Case - German, blue hard back, pink reflector strips on case (may have been removed), inside is grey.

If you receive any information as the whereabouts of these instruments please contact British Transport Police, Clapham Junction on 0800 40 50 40 quoting crime reference number H03/01184/2010


Allianz Musical Insurance on 0844 3914085, quoting reference 4088549.

Thank you for your attention.

Allianz Musical Insurance


On Friday evening (19th February), a violin was stolen from a car in Sheffield. It holds massive value, both sentimental and physical. It is a full size, dark wood violin circa 1870, with a Latin inscription running along the back.

We have filed a report to the police, along with checking most second hand music stores and pawnbrokers in the area. Although it is unlikely that it will resurface any time soon, if at all, it would be greatly appreciated any news on its whereabouts could be sent to either;

Tom Dixon (owner):, tel: 07814125466
Richard Falk:, tel: 07815969172


The violin is a Neuner and Horsteiner; full size circa 1870 as previously mentioned. The Latin on the back when translated into English reads: 

“When I was a tree I sang in the wind, now I sing again”

To hand I do not have the exact wording, but an online translation gives:“ut ego eram a nemus ego sono obvius ventus , iam ego sono iterum”

As stated this is not 100% accurate, but the best available without seeing the body itself. When taken, it was in a rectangular hard case, with a blue fabric exterior. In the case, along with the violin was an Otto Spengler bow, and rosin wrapped in cloth (possibly in a small cardboard box) The violin was used for live performance; as such it had a pick up for amplification attached. It was a rectangular transducer stuck to the bridge, with a jack input on the back of the body. The crime reference number is: K17065-2010.
Thanks again for your time, and please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions or information.
Richard Falk.



Lost on a train Waterloo to Weybridge.

A Thomas Kennedy violin made c 1820 with a maker's label: Thomas Kennedy, 364 Oxford Street, London inside. It is 358 mm long and the varnish is orange/brown coloured laid on a golden ground.
It is insured for £7,500 and is accompanied by a stamped W Hill bow (repaired at the tip).

It was lost in a German blue covered rectangular case (with pink biking reflector tapes but they may have been removed).

It is marked with a smart water forensic code on the inside ribs. As is also the bow.

I am heart broken over the loss of this instrument and ask that if it comes into your possession, you will contact me as soon as possible.

My telephone number is 07742678960.

Helen Bradshaw



Stolen violin, Charot c1830, property of the Royal Academy of Music.   

Should you be approached with the instrument, it would be much appreciated if you would contact me at the Academy either by telephone or email. 

Many thanks, 

Toni Bond

PA to David Rattray, Instrument Custodian

020 7873 7485




All'interno riporta la scritta “fatto all'età di 74 anni” - riconoscibile da una macchia di circa 2 cm sul legno del fondo.

Attenzione : questo violino e' stato rubato nel 2007 come da querela presentata presso la stazione dei carabinieri di Bologna in data 27.03.2007 e come dimostrabile dalla documentazione in nostro possesso ( non pubblicabile per motivi di privacy ).

Attention: this is a stolen violin . It is recognizable by a black spot about 2cm in the back and has a written in the inside: “fatto all'età di 74 anni”

Ansaldo poggi stolen rubato

I legittimi proprietari stanno cercando di recuperare il violino o comunque di avere più informazioni possibili.

La “scomparsa” del violino ha visto il passaggio dello stesso attraverso mani di liutai e di professionisti del settore dei quali conosciamo le generalità' e che , per il momento, non possiamo pubblicare per motivi di privacy.

Chiediamo la collaborazione a chiunque abbia il violino, conosca dove possa essere o comunque lo abbia visto. E' nostro primario interesse recuperare lo strumento, pertanto garantiremo massima riservatezza a chi ci voglia aiutare ed in particolare a quanti si possano trovare nella condizione di detenere tale strumento rubato a loro insaputa , offriamo la possibilità di trovare una soluzione ottimale.

Ricordiamo che chi non dovesse collaborare pur essendo nelle condizioni di farlo (anche semplicemente occultando informazioni) , può andare incontro alla violazione delle norme penali.



Il violino presenta due evidenti segni di riconoscimento:

  • All'interno riporta la scritta “fatto all'età di 74 anni”
  • Sul legno del fondo ha una macchia di circa 2 cm.






contattaci ! troveremeo sicuramente una soluzione per risolvere la questione in maniera "privata".....

contact us ! we will be able to contact you "privately" ......

E' prevista una ricompensa a chi saprà darci informazioni concrete per il ritrovamento del violino in perfetto stato.

Reward for who will be able to provide useful information for recovering this handsome instrument in perfect state



    Violin and Bow, without the case,  stolen from Birmingham Conservatoire between 18/20 December 2008.

    Honey coloured full size violin, but small.  German in origin 1900.  Hill bow.
    Please contact Birmingham Police  0845 1135000  Crime reference no 868839/L if you have any details about their
    whereabouts, or 07788 107729.  .



    A Carlo Bisiach cello was taken from the Nottingham University music department between the 11th December and 19th December 2008. Inside the violin is a label stating it's made by Carlo Bisiach and the date it was made. The cello has a distinct pattern engraved on the pegs, where there are small balls attached to the end of them, with the same pattern engraved on the tailpiece. Also, the tuning scrolls at the bottom are all black except one which is gold. On the top of the body of the cello, on the right of where the neck connects to it, there is a faded patch of colour. The cello is a reddy-brown.

    Stolen with it was a Lefin bow, near the frog is the name stamped in black. Also, the wire grip is frayed at the end.

    Both items were in a dark blue, Gewa hard cello case. Inside is a felt of a slightly lighter blue.

    The stolen goods have been reported to the Nottingham Police, number 01158445901 with crime number CC134742/08




    Anne Germanique
    Our house was broken on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008.
    Our two violins were stolen :
    - A Lucien Schmitt violin of 1958 n°174  " Mieulx ne scay " with a back in maple in a single part.
    A Augagneur Bergeron bow with a ring in lizard imitation.
    A grey american case, purple inside, cashmere cloth bag. Photos are joined.

    - A Stainer violin with a Peccatte bow (copies).
    Golden internal beige case.
    A Bernadel bow.
    A Tourte bow with a broken tip.
    A bow of study (octagonal baguette).

    Thank you for your help.
    Please pass the message in all your knowledge all over the world.
    In case of identification, call the police station or the gendarmerie of your place of residence.

  • My daughter’s violin was stolen in São Paulo City, Brazil, last November 19th. This is an Italian Violin, made by an ignored author, the label inside reads “Alberto Bro … Milano Via Carlo Alberto N. E Strumenti, corde Armoni ...

    $500 reward.
    contact me at




    Reward for who will be able to provide useful information for recovering this handsome instrument in perfect state:

    +39 051 262046

    +39 051 6237145

    +39 051 492013

    +39 051 6541452

    +39 328 3157756


  • STOLEN: Unfortunately one of our warehouses was broken in to last night and a quantity of stock was stolen. We would be grateful if you could make your other members aware and to ask them  to be on the look out for anyone trying to sell on the following:

    GEM RP 910 Digital Pianos
    Robertson RP 220 Digital Pianos
    Robertson RP 120 Digital Pianos (x 8)
    and Blast Drum Kits (x 6)

    Many thanks  for your assistance in this matter.

    Yours Sincerely

    Hooters Musical Instruments.


  • STOLEN:  At around midday today, 12 November, a team of two males of Mediterranean appearance and accent, one aged around 30 and the other around 45, engaged two of my staff members in enquiring about the Take It Away scheme (ironically!) while the third member of the team, a female aged around 50, left the store with a Garrison GLE-1 electro-acoustic guitar, probably under her coat.  The guitar features a bear-claw spruce top, 50,000-year-old Kauri wood back and sides, gold hardware and a Fishman Prefix Pro EQ system.  The serial number of the stolen item is 071017001 and it is without its case or its certificate of authenticity.  Ticket price was £1,999 and I attach a photo. 

    Only 23 of these guitars were made and only four found their way to the UK: we had one and the other three went to dealers in Salisbury and Stratford, so it’s immediately recognisable.

    If anyone is offered this guitar, or sees it on Ebay or elsewhere, please call me on 01284 703366 or my mobile 07912 539319, or Suffolk Police on 01284 774100 quoting Incident Number 235 of 12/11/08 (crime number to follow).




    Violin by William Edward Smith of Wetherby c.1908. A two piece back of medium flame maple descending from the centre with matching ribs, neck and scroll. The belly of medium grain spruce and varnish of dark golden brown, outline and sound holes styled after Guarneri.

    Violin Bow stamped 'Gand & Bernadel'. Silver mounted, round stick, silver tip. French. (Repair to head.)

    If you receive any information as the whereabouts of these instruments please contact An Garda Síochána, Cork on (+353) (0) 21 452 2000, quoting reference S355278


    Allianz Musical Insurance on 0844 3914085, quoting reference 23503.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Allianz Musical Insurance



  • I had my violin stolen,

    Violin: John Betts 1789
    2 Bows: Hill and Thoma
    Case: Blue Gewa Violin Shape
    Date: 25 October from Birmingham

    Contact details:

    Many thanks for your help!


  • Hi,
    I left my violin in a taxi cab in Brighton on Tuesday, Sept. 16. I am attaching a picture of it. The cabbie didn't turn it in and I am notifying any shops that buy violins.
    If found or discovered, please send it to the Brighton Police (or contact them) or email me.
    It is not valuable. It has a crack over the F hole and one along the soundpost (both repaired). It has a label that reads 'T. Rathbone 17/9/1937' and was in a brown canvas case with a bow and new rosin.
    Please forward this information to anyone who might be able to help.
    Case/Crime# CE3-115284-08
    Thank you,
    Shelley Connolly

  • STOLEN FROM A TRAIN IN SOUTH-WEST (Travelling to Bristol)

    Violin in a blue case with a slightly wonky bridge and a shoulder 
    rest with a gold trim. Two bows were in the case, which also had a 
    green climbing clip attached to it. If you have any information 
    please contact


  • My violin was stolen in Hewitt texas on July 3rd 2008. The label inside reads Joseph Hornsteiner 1735. I have posted a $500 reward. It is extremely sentimental.
    contact me at



    VIOLIN by MATTEO GOFFRILLER, dated 1698. with a  Sartory Bow.  Dark
    brown varnish.  Rosewood pegs.

    Both items in a brown rectangular hard case, with a luggage label attached to the
    handle.  The case has a dark green velvet lining.

    PLEASE CONTACT ALLIANZ MUSICAL INSURANCE on 01483 260763, quoting reference.

    Thank you for your attention.





    Camilli Camillus fecit

    Mantua 1737

    was stolen on Saturday, 15. december 2007 in Berlin-Charlottenburg in Germany.
    The varnish of orange colour is original and almost complete.
    The measurements of the back (measured above the curve) are
    35,35 - 16,35 - 11,45 - 20,40
    There are some traces of usage right upper side beside the f-whole.
    The following two bows were also in the violin case:
    Nicolas Voirin, 1880
    The violin and the bows were in a black, strongly used square-type violin case.
    Please pass this message on to anybody who could be helpful in finding the instruments.
    Thank you very much already in beforehand,
    warm greetings.
    Sebastian Breuninger


  • STOLEN Saxophone stolen from our shop sometime between Monday and Wednesday lunchtime this week.25th February 2008

    Trevor James Classic Tenor Saxophone - serial number D1865. Without case and mouthpiece.

    If you have any information etc. please either contact Lincolnshire Police on 01522 532222, quoting crime ref: BC08/790.

    Stamford Music Shop,
    11 St. Mary's Hill,
    Lincs. PE9 2DP
    Tel: 01780 751275
    Fax: 01780 752245

     STOLEN: At some point between 2nd -9th Feb we had the following guitar stolen from our Reading store.

    PRS Hollowbody 1 in Dark Cherry Sunburst, 10 top with Moons. Wide Fat neck.
    Serial number 90352. This one was taken without the PRS case which we still have.

    If you have any information which may lead to it's recovery please contact Thames Valley Police on 0845 8 505 505 quoting crime reference : EA3027569/08



    Full size English Violin labelled "Worden 1905", with two piece front and
    back, of light brown varnish.

    Together with a German Violin Bow

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of this instrument,
    please contact Holbeck Police station on 0113 2414659, quoting reference
    13070303242    OR: Allianz Musical Insurance on 0844 3914051, quoting reference:  21596.

    Thank you for your attention



     Violin attributed to Nicolaus Gagliano - label inside reads "Nicolaus
    Gagliano Filius Alexandri fecit Neap. 17.."                                                     RECOVERED

    With a one-piece back and along the left hand side, from top to bottom, is a
    distinctive brown line, presumably from tree-sap running along the grain of
    the wood. There is also a slightly faded patch just above the middle of the
    back. The chin rest, tailpiece, and pegs are light brown in colour.

    With the violin were two bows, one labelled "Duff" (a 'Berg' bow made of
    composite material).

    All in a hard black Hiscox case (with a tough fabric cover and zip music
    pocket) with a dark blue strap and red lining.

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of these items, please
    contact DC Diane Donald at Strathclyde Police on 0141 5323036, quoting
    reference AB08921207

    Thank you for your attention.

    Allianz Musical Insurance

  • A Nicolas Audinot violin was stolen from Bristol University music
    department, The Victoria Rooms, on either 22nd or 23rd November 2007.    RECOVERED

    The violin has a label inside the body stating it was made by Nicolas
    Audinot. anno 1876 Minecourt.  On the back of the violin, close to the
    neck, is stamped the word Audinot.  It has a repaired crack on the
    left-hand scroll and has a solid wooden back.  When stolen it was fitted
    with a bridge labelled Cremona House and had ebony tuning pegs and
    Pirastro Aricore strings.

    Also stolen at the same time was a bow made by W E Dorfler, which has
    mother-of-pearl under the frog and mother-of-pearl dots on the screw.

    Both were contained in a JTL violin black oblong case which has a
    red/maroon felt inside.

    Also stolen was another bow, several items of sheet music, a complete
    set of new Pirastro Aricore strings and a Kun shoulder rest.

    This theft has been reported to Somerset and Avon Police with crime
    report number Q803 423 112 703.


    GERMAN VIOLIN c.1880 labelled "copy of Nikolous Amati".                   RECOVERED

    Front of fine medium grain spruce, one piece maple back, varnish deep
    chestnut brown over golden yellow brown.

    If you receive any information as the whereabouts of this instrument please
    contact Avon & Somerset Constabulary on 0845 4567000, quoting reference
    Q/8333/23112007/09    OR:

    Allianz Musical Insurance on 0844 3914051, quoting reference 21545.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Allianz Musical Insurance

  • MISSING IN SEVILLE, SPAIN - 17/10/2007

    Eugene Sartory Silver mounted Cello Bow Paris, circa 1930.

    Measurements - 76gms

    Description - Octagonal stick, the frog with silver rings and pearl eyes,
    silver overlaid adjuster stamped E. Sartory a Paris on the handle.

    If you receive any news as to the whereabouts of this bow, please contact
    Comisaria de Centro (Sevilla) on Tel no: 0034 954 231 902 quoting reference
    no: 2318331 (Instructor 62099)   OR

    Allianz Musical Insurance on 01483 260626 quoting reference: 21347.

    Thank you for your attention.  _____________________________________________________________________________


    English Violin of the Furber School, C1820 in a black case with red velvet

    One piece back of English sycamore with faint figure, ribs and head similar.
    Front of even width grain pine.  Varnish light brown colour.

    Together with a silver mounted pernambuco violin bow, ivory tip.

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of these items, please
    contact Tiverton Police Station on 0845 2777444, quoting reference 351-07

    Allianz Musical Insurance on 01483 260763, quoting reference:  20862

    Thank you for your attention.


    French Cello C1890 - Labelled "M Couturiet" of mid red/brown varnish.

    In a black hard case with beige velvet lining.  Also contained within the
    case were a Nickel Mounted Cello Bow and a Silver Mounted Finkel Cello bow,
    stamped "lefin"

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of these items, please
    contact DC John Norton, Redland Police Station on
    0845 4567000, quoting Crime Reference:  B25040310/2007/01      OR

    Allianz Musical Insurance on 01483 260763, quoting reference 21248.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Allianz Musical Insurance

  • STOLEN !!!
    a violin "Michael Angelo Bergonzi, 1749 Cremona" was stolen on
    21.September 2007 in Remchingen (near Karlsruhe, Germany, and close
    to France border)

    The base is from two pieces of quarter cut maple of medium to plain�
    cut, the top is from two pieces. The scroll is from plain maple.
    Colour: reddish-brown
    Length 35.3 cm
    Upper Bouts 16.4cm
    Middle Bouts 11.1 cm
    Lower Bouts 20.4 cm

    If you have any information, please contact me

    with best thanks


  • STOLEN: A unique piece of the Quebec heritage
    Jo. Bouchard's violin stolen from me in St-Hubert in Quebec Canada
    here's the evaluation, paper forms and photos
    If anyone sees it I'll be happy to recover it
    send me any info regarding it at
    thanks for looking!


  • I would like to report that on the 27 June 2007, my Viola, Romeo Antoniazzi from 1914, was stolen near Bern (Switzerland). The brand of the author is stamped with fire in the back.

         Best regards Ivan Sinicco  email:                                     RECOVERED



    A French Violin bearing the label - "JTL Geronimo Bernabetti, Paris".

    2 piece belly of narrow grain in pine.  1 piece back with strongly figured       RECOVERED
    narrow flamed maple.
    Length 14 3/16.  Varnish of a deep orange/brown.

    2 Violin bows, one of which is by the Dresden School, c1900, gold mounted.

    All items were in a black oblong case, with red velvet lining.

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of these items please
    contact Wavertree Road Police on 0151 7096010 quoting crime reference:  05 E
    105711867    Or: Allianz Musical Insurance on 01892 703442, quoting reference:  20514.
    Thank you


    Markneukirchen full size Cello C.1890, honey-coloured wood , paper label inside with owner's details,  in hard black modern case with green baize
    interior. The case is covered in stickers from various parts of the world.

    With Gotz Cello Bow.

    Last seen in a minicab in Denmark Hill, London, SE5 on 26th April 2007.

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of this instrument,
    please contact Allianz Musical Insurance on 0844 391 4051, quoting our claim
    reference 20397.
    Thank you for your assistance


  • Stolen: Fine old English cello by Robert Thompson, whose original label it bears in the interior, dated 1756.

Description:The back in two pieces of maple with flames of medium width descending slightly from the centre joint; the sides and scroll of similar wood; the table in two pieces of spruce with grain of medium width at the centre, broadening towards the flanks; the varnish of an amber-brown colour. At the time of stealing it was fitted with a Belgian bridge stamped J&A Beare.

Measurements:-74.3cm in length of body, with widths of 35.8cm and 43.9cm.


May be found with a plain silver-mounted bow by Arthur J Barnes, Pernambuco stick stamped “Hill” and eyeless ebony frog.Also a plain baroque bow and a black carbon-fibre Accord case. If you have any information which may lead to the recovery of this instrument please contact me by email on or phone 020 8977 6757



    Modern Viola - copy of "conta vitali" by Guarneri.                                                 RECOVERED
    Labelled "George Stoppani 2005".  Antique finish.  Ebony tail piece by OttoTemple.
    In a fibreglass, rectangular case with leather handle and green interior, by Savage & Hoy.
    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of this instrument,
    please contact Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 0870 1600303, quoting
    reference 20044.

    Thank you
    Last weekend two of my instruments were stolen from my house. Could you please help me spread this information so I could hopefully find them back. One of the instruments is an old Bohemian violin, built in Schoenbach around 1890-1900. The instrument is relatively dark coloured and has a bridge build by Josef Vedral.
    The instrument was in a brown cage by Winter. The inside is green. In it was also a bow and some personal belongings like pictures. The second instrument is a black Silent Violin (S120) by Yamaha. This was in a black cage which is turquoise from the inside.
    Thanks for your help, 
    Esther in 't Groen


  • Lost in the Liverpool Street area of London on 6th February 2007
    Baroque English Violin.  C.1770 bearing the label "Thomas Dodd"
    One piece back of medium curl, golden brown varnish in a black "Gewa" case.
    If you receive any information as the whereabouts of this instrument, please
    contact City of London Police - C Division on 0207 6012606, quoting
    reference 6/472/07    OR:
    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance, on 0870 1600303, quoting reference
    Thank you
    I am reporting a violin stolen from my house in Selly Oak Birmingham,
    U.K. on 17th of February 2007.
    The violin is an imitation Maggini with a distinctive spiral like
    pattern on the back at both top and bottom. It was in a black material
    case with handle missing with red fluffy interior + bow.
    If you think you may have seen this violin please contact West Midlands
    Police on 0121 6261304 and ask for Neil Shepherd.
    Many thanks,
    Richard Bullen


    German 3/4 size double bass with carved solid spruce front, flat maple back.
    Dark brown varnish.  In a gig bag.

    Fitted with a David Eden pick-up, under left hand side of bridge.

    The front has some chipping to the edging on the bottom, left hand side.

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of this instrument,
    please contact Brighton Police on 0845 6070999, quoting reference CC2/1488/07 OR:
    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 0870 1600303, quoting reference 19855.

    Thank you

    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance


  • Baroque Violin Lost/Stolen 

Tuesday 30.01.2007, my baroque violin, two baroque bows in a blue violin case with equipment was   lost/stolen on a train departing from London Bridge Station at 13:24, via Sydenham station, to Victoria      station. The loss is reported to the polize and the train lost propereties offices in England. 

Description of the instrument:

The violin is built of Karl Henrik de Brenner in Sweeden early 19th century. All the parts are original, also the neck. The neck is glued in to the violin. The varnish is red. The scroll has a funny shape, and is unusual and very small. The neck is shorter than a normal violin, so for the left hand, playing on the instrument is more like playing on a ¾ sized instrument. The body of the instrument is a bit bigger than normal, and does almost not fit into the violin case. No chin rest. There´s a clear lighter spot in the varnish on the usual place for chin rest. The bridge is new, of a type that is quite thick and solid, and is taller on the e-string side, and shorter than the g-string side. The replacement value of the instrument is approxemately 4460,-british pounds (or 55.000 NOK). 

Description of baroque bows:

Baroque bow in dark snake wood, fluted (with lines), wooden frog, anonymous.

Baroque bow in a bit lighter wood, fluted, white frog, anonymous. 

The case:

The instrument was in a blue violin case: ”Orly”, and was shaped like the instrument with a zip and black strops for carrying. Red inside. There was a small ”golden brick” tied to the case, where it said ”Kompass” and the number ”110239”, and the text: ”For mislaid luggage or other messages notify Kompass Assistanse (...) +47 6698669624 hours a day.”  

The equipment:

The violin was wrapped in a white silk cloth from Japan with hand painted flower patterns. The violin was also covered by a light blue cloth and a red flannel cloth shaped as a violin (which does belong to an other violin case). In the case was also various equipment: many gut string (Gamut and Pistoy), tuning fork A 415, mutes, metronome, rosin, a black shoulder pad, a pair of hand made dark blue wrist warmers with a hole for the thumb.

With best regards,

Kari Arder Hauge

Italian mobile: +39 338 669 8660
Norwegian mobile: +47 40241358


  • In March 2005. a violin was stolen, from Budapest, together with its blue, square casing and a bow. Inside of the instrument there is a label placed, saying "Jofeph Guarnerius Fecit, Cremona Anno 1735"
    This violin is a beautiful replica, approx. 60-80 years old. There is a 3-4 mm diameter knot on the right side of the back next to the C. It is covered with golden brown lacquer. The neck is replaced. The whole violin is 35.8 cm. The mensura is 19.5 cm.
    The bow is labeled with a hardly visible "Hoyer" sign. The head is repaired.


    If you found this instrument, or if you have any information about it, please call: +36/70/5519244. High prize money!

    Thank you!



    English Viola by Elspeth Rowe dated 2002 (A569)
    Silver & Ebony mounted Viola bow by Neuville
    Italian Gold mounted Viola Bow by Periotti
    Swiss Viola bow by Ernst
    All items were in a Gewa case with a black canvas cover.

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of these items, please
    contact Allerton Police on 0151 7096010, quoting reference:  05F114127006

    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 0870 1600303, quoting reference:

  • LIKE SOMEONE CUT MY ARM OFF. . .Hans Klotz violin (1953), made in Stuttgart, Vuillaume bow and Gewa violin case stolen in Austin Texas, 2003.
    Violin has great sentimental value as it was bought for me by my father and I used it to teach orchestra classes for 30 years in Odessa, Texas.
    The violin has a K with a circle under the fingerboard on the top of the belly of the instrument. 
    I can be contacted by e-mail at
  • My 5 string viola was stolen when my car got broken
    into in a car park in Exeter on 8th November, sometime
    after 10:30pm. Its a very distinctive, orangey red,
    15" with 5 strings, made by Tim Phillips. It has a
    hole in the scroll, part curved/part pointy sides and
    a slanted fingerboard and tail piece. There's also a
    slim bow with the ivory missing from the tip and black
    marks near the heel. It was in a shaped beige case
    with one zip.

    If you have any news on its whereabouts, please
    contact Jackie Oates on 07810 335476, or phone the
    police, quoting reference DE-06-140-10


    A Cello Bow by Jerome Thibouville Lamy Atelier Mirecourt Voges France.

    Pernambuco stick stamped "Lamy D'Apres Simon".

    Silver Mounted Ebony frog, early 1900's

    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of this bow, please
    contact Lincoln Police on 01522 882222, quoting reference DA-06-6107.  OR:

    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 0870 1600303, quoting reference 19227.

    A violin, case and two bows have been stolen from a vehicle parked close
    to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra building in Manchester.

 The violin is labelled Andre Guarnerius, it has a one piece back of
 Birdseye maple and is dark brown in colour. There is a large crack on the
 back of the violin on the top right hand side, the tailpiece has four screw holes but only one adjuster.

 A Tubbs bow stamped Jas Tubbs, in silver and ebony with silver lapping.
 A Howard Green bow, in gold and buffalo horn with gold lapping - light
 coloured stick
 Blue Jaeger shaped case with silver / grey interior.

 If you have any information as to the current whereabouts of any of the
 above items please contact either Claire Styles or John Spavins on 01892
 703412 or 01892 703322.
 Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

 Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance.



In 1986 a violin was stolen with my vehicle. The thief wanted the vehicle.
The violin was a :- G Rogerie  or G Rogerii (Giovanni I think) 1640 or1540

 We offered a reward in the paper but no response (a little response but not helpful) 
This was when I was living in Harare, Zimbabwe.
I would like to register in your stolen violin section
Ursula Cowper
2 Old Post Office
9 High St
RG10 9AB
Phone:0118934 9693
  • A Viola made by Paul Harrild
    I’m writing to report that my viola was stolen in 30/12/2005 from a National Express Bus. 570 service from Birmingham to Whitehaven
    The Viola is made by Paul Harrild, copy of a Joseph Guarnerius model.
    Is golden brown varnished lighter in the four tops.
    Has a Christian golden fish on the tail piece and a golden line on the four pegs.
    The case is by Gorge in brown canvas with black zips. Inside is muss green, with two compartments.
    Has 2 bows one bought in Cardiff Violins and the other on a Belgium maker.
    I would be immensely greatfull, if someone tries to sell or avaluate it, you would contact immedeatly:
    Mrs Claire Styles in the Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance (01892 70 34 12) , Kendal Police (01 539 722 611 with Police Officer Burke)
    or me
    Gisela Soares – 077 488 21 451

  • On 30.12.05, the a viola was stolen from a coach, which was travelling from
    London to Whitehaven.  It is believed that the viola was removed at a
    services area in Preston or bus station in Kendal. 

    * Labelled inside by Joseph Guarnarius and in pencil by  Paul Harrild
    * Antiqued Varnish.  This is a golden brown colour with 'worn' areas
    in a lighter colour. 
    * Back length 16 3/4 "
    Unique Features
    * Tail piece and pegs are in snake wood
    * Gold balls on end of pegs
    * The tailpiece has the Christian symbol of the fish built into it in
    Brazilian silver mounted viola bow
    French viola bow
    The viola and two bows were in a brown Gorge case with black trim. 

    If you receive any news as to the current whereabouts of this instrument
    please make urgent contact with Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 01892
    703412 quoting reference 17316.
    Contact the Police (PC 793) at Kendal quoting Crime Reference no: 03 ZA
    44473 PO5 on Tel no: 015397 22611 or the Crime Desk at Barrow on Furness on
    Tel no: 0845 3300247 XT 8920.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    The violin, case and a bow were left on a South Eastern Train at Charing
    Cross, London at 7.45pm on 14th November 2005.

    The violin is labelled Carlo Antonio Tanegia, Milan 1736.  The label is
    printed with the last two numbers of the date, 36 in pen ink.
    * Mustard yellow in colour and has a one piece back with beautiful
    swirly markings. There are two woodworm trails leading from the middle to
    the right hand edge on the back.
    * The front of the violin has very wide pronounced 'f' holes.
    * The table is heavily marked with thin lines.
    * Fairly large in size, deep with a flat table and slightly arched
    towards the middle of the back.
    * William John bridge
    * Top of scroll original

    Tourte Violin Bow
    * Pinned head. Wood light in colour near head then changes to a dark
    * Gold nut near frog.
    * Eye, one side new.
    * Octagonal stick near frog, rounded towards tip.

    Navy blue violin case with grey velvet material interior. The case contained
    two personal photos, shoulder pad and rosin.

    Reported missing to British Transport Police - Incident reference:

    The instrument holds great sentimental value to its owner.

    If you receive any news as to the present whereabouts of this instrument
    please make urgent contact with Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 01892
    703412 or 703322 quoting reference 17013.

    Violin by E Degani and Violin Bow by E Sartory
    Both items were in a "worn" oblong case with green velvet lining.  The case
    has a "tatty" canvas cover with a sticker of the initials "ISM".
    If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these items please
    PC 6250 Vaughan at Heavitree Police Station on 07736 086025.  Quoting
    Reference:  DE/05/12288
    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 01892 703442.  Quoting Reference:

  • Missing Cello, Case and two Cello Bows

    The cello, case and 2 bows were stolen from a private house in Totnes, Devon
    on the night of Sunday 11th September 2005.
    The cello is a French Lira Cello circa 1870, reddish brown in colour,
    heavily varnished. The bridge on the cello has been lowered and the back of
    the cello is fairly stripey.
    The cello was in a brown canvas case with dark brown trimming.  The inside
    of the case is in a plush dark red velvet and has a pocket containing some
    strings.  On the back of the case there is pocket containing sheet music.
    The two bows inside the case are a:
    * Cello bow by Alfons Riedl
    * Silver mounted Cello bow by Garner Wilson
    If you receive any news as to the present whereabouts of these instruments
    please make urgent contact with Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on 0870
    1600 303 quoting reference 16654
    Totnes Police on Tel no: 08452 777444 quoting crime reference no:
    JS051148(PC Temple 6112).


    Theft of a Violin, probably Klotz family, Mittenwald c1770 with two piece
    back and medium strong figure (grain pointing downwards). Varnish is a
    strong, rich, orangey brown and is curling under chinrest and showing signs
    of ware in the usual places.. The violin has a pickup fitted into the bridge
    (black wire to fitting). Fine tuning tailpiece and adjusters on each string.

    The violin was in a black Mirecourt shaped case with beige lining and
    manufacturer's label inside. The case contained a carbon Collegno Bow and
    Silver mounted Violin bow stamped F.R.Wunderlich. Also inside the case were
    spare strings and Rosin as well as details of "Beskydy Band".

    If anybody has news of the present whereabouts of the stolen items
    please telephone 01892 703133 or 01892 703412 quoting reference number

    French violin labelled "Georges Contal Luthier, Paris, No. 120, Annee 1901"
    One piece back of light medium figure descending slightly from right to
    left, ribs of similar figure, head plainer.
    Two piece table of medium-wide grain, varnish is reddish-brown.
    Length of back is 359mm.
    Black nylon, rectangular, Bam case with beige lining.
    Violin bow by Paesold.
    Further information including Police contact details and crime reference
    number to follow shortly.
    Meanwhile, if you have any information as to the current whereabouts of
    these items please contact Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance - Technical
    Claims on 01892 703442/703412.

  • Sometime between approximately 5:00 pm on friday June 10 and the morning of
    saturday June 11 at the convention of the International Society of Bassists
    at the Dalton Center of the Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo,
    Michigan, a large 7/8th size double bass disappeared from the overnight
    instrument storage area.
    Photos may be viewed along with this description at
    This instrument has the characteristic Tyrolean hump at the union of the
    ribs and the neck butt.  This bass has recently been overhauled including,
    but not limited to the making of four new crossbars, a new bass bar, new
    endpin block, new bridge and sound post and a neck reset.  There are two
    wooden dowels in the neck butt.
    The top is made of two-piece spruce and is cut with gamba corners-with the
    lower G-string side corner having been recently replaced.  The ribs and flat
    back are made of maple.  There is no purfling on this instrument.  One
    distinguishing characteristic of this particular instrument is a new wood
    strip 1.5 inches wide inset into the ribs at the lower bout G-string side.
    The sycamore neck and scroll are original and accommodate an ebony
    fingerboard.  There is a maple shim between the fingerboard and the neck. 
    The brass plated tuning machines are individually mounted and have wood
    The original varnish was a transparent reddish brown oil and is underneath
    the brown spirit over-varnish.
    The bass has several distinctive markings that can be used later for
    positive identification. In the time since the photos were taken, the most
    significant change is the addition of a brass B extension made by KC Strings
    (photos of extension available at ).
    In addition to the extension, a metal piece was added to the E string hole
    of the tailpiece due to the strings' inability to reach the opening. The
    tailpiece wire has been replaced with a black and red cord (viewable at The quiver was attached and
    had a few drops of dried glue splashed on one side. A Botoni bow with a
    german frog and black hair was in the quiver. Since the photos, the bass had
    been fitted with a Goetz style endpin manufactured by the Meisel company and
    there was a 10mm shaft Onyx brand bass wheel with the instrument.
    The bass was in a black Mooradian cover with a slightly modified shoulder
    strap.  There were two extra cushions added to the strap.  There was one
    (possibly 2) open seams near the cover's side carrying straps.  The pockets'
    contents included a Samsonite travel bag with various bass accessories
    (rosin, mutes etc), a blue plastic ruler and a purple binder of orchestral
    The instrument has no maker's label, but there is a penciled inscription
    along the instrument's back (viewable through the G string f hole)
    indicating a repair had been made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the early
    20th century.
    Any information regarding this instrument's location can be sent to the
    International Society of Bassist at
    The instrument may be turned in with NO QUESTIONS ASKED to:

    David Gage String Instrument Repair
    36 Walker Street
    New York, NY 10013-3514
    Telephone: (212) 274-1322
    Fax: (212) 274-9634
    General E-mail Address:

  • On the 31st May 2005 between 4pm - 4.30pm a violin in a black case went
    missing from the side of the road in Park Road,Teddington, Middlesex.

    English Violin, Member of the Brown Family, London C1830.
    * Whilst not labelled the violin is very distinctive with heart shaped
    pegs and a gold ridged tailpiece.
    * The varnish is a dark brown/reddish colour.
    * 7/8 in size - tubby looking.
    * With Evah Pizazzi strings, black and green spirals at the tailpiece.
    * Contained in a black lightweight violin case by GEWA.
    * The case also contained Arts & Crafts rosin with spare Evah Pizazzi
    If you receive any information as to the whereabouts of the violin, please
    contact Twickenham Police on Tel no: 020 8607 9199 quoting ref: 99/2171527
    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on Tel no: 01892 70 3412/3442 quoting
    ref: 16105


    A viola by Christoph Gotting, 2004, with a case and two bows has gone
    missing in the West London area.

    The viola is chestnut/red in colour and has a plain front with
    "tiger-striped" back. 
    The case is dark blue, triangular in shape with a green lining.
    In the case there were two bows, one pernambuco the other fibreglass.

    If you have any information as to the present whereabouts of the above items
    please contact either Mike Blackledge or Claire Styles at Allianz Cornhill
    Musical Insurance on: 01892 703133.

    The following items went missing from a Music School in Hertfordshire on
    28th of April 2005.

    A violin by Wilhelm Paul Kunze 1919, # 84 with case.
    Two, silver mounted violin bows, one a German bow by Otto Durrschmidt
    A Chinese violin bow.

    If you receive any news as to the present whereabouts of the violin, case
    and bows please contact either Claire Styles, Mike Blackledge or John
    Spavins on (01892) 703133

  • Stolen instrument - Carl Giuseppe Testore, 1700
    by mid-January 2005, my daughter lost her violin in a local train leaving Victoria Station in London. The instrument may have been stolen as nobody called about it.
    The instrument is a Carl Giuseppe Testore, 1700, certified by H. Köstler and E. Vatelot, value is high and the case has been declared to the Lark insurance. Two bows were also in the box: one Colin-Mezzin and one Wilson.
    Should you hear anything about this stolen instrument, please give me a call (+41'21'924'35'43) or send an email to  Recompense will be paid.

  • 4/4 Violin, Bavarian, mid 19th Century. Bridge stamped "Gordon Stevenson."
    Tuning Pegs have crescent shaped metal studs. One piece back.
    Front R.H. upper bout corner replaced. Light coloured "matt" patch on front
    top R.H. bout.
    Violin bow stamped "N.Lambert", also a Baroque violin bow. All in a hard,
    shaped violin case.
    If you receive any information as to the present whereabouts of any of the
    above please contact:-
    Mike Blackledge - 01892 703133 or
    John Spavins - 01892 703322

    quoting reference 15021

    A violin bow by Berg (ebony model), with evidence of repair to the top of
    the bow, has gone missing in the London / Brighton area.
    If you have any information as to its present whereabouts please contact
    Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance on: 01892 703222 quoting reference 15569.

    Claim Number 13960 - Crime Reference 2417379/04 (Colin Dale)
    Theft of Violin, Violin Bow and Violin Case from Finchley Road, London
    Dark brown Brescia violin, red staining showing on front lower bouts either
    side of the tailpiece. Grubby appearance on R.H. upper bout in fingerboard
    area. Double purfling. Brown chin rest (possibly removed).
    Two piece back, in central area there is a minute misalignment, one side
    slightly raised. Rib on R.H. upper bout has protective plastic covering
    (possibly removed).
    Tuning pegs are plain, deep brown colour.
    Violin bow by Victor Thomassin, ebony frog with silver mounts and mother of
    pearl inlay.
    At the time of the theft, the violin and bow were contained in a lightweight
    charcoal coloured "Orly" violin case. "L.C.O." sticker on outside of case,
    small hole in case cover. Wolff shoulder rest in case at time of theft.
    Any information as to the present whereabouts please contact:
    Mike Blackledge: Tel  01892 703133
    John Spavins: Tel  01892 703322

  • A violin and viola were stolen from 1 Frayne Road, Ashton, Bristol at about 1.30pm on Monday 21 February. If somebody brings them to you I would be very grateful if you could call the police and contact me.

    The crime number is B/3929/21022005/01 and the matter is being dealt with by Bishopsworth Police Station contactable on 0845 456 7000.

    My telephone number at home is 0117 963 5816 and at work 0117 903 8534.


    Details of both instruments from Aleth Michel, violin maker and repairer, who has worked on both of them.


    My additional comments are in italics.


    1 possibly klingenthal (german trade instrument) without a label full
    size violin, but with a slightly short stop length (193-194mm).
    Had new bass bar, fitted at Bristol Violin Shop before sale of
    instrument. Had four bushes on pegbox done at the violin shop before sale of the instrument, and one crack on the belly repaired before sale of the violin (on lower bout?). The varnish is of quite a reddish


    Violin was described as Klingenthal on the receipt from the Bristol Violin Shop when it was bought.

    When a new ebony fingerboard and new nut were fitted in December 2004,
    the elevation was increased so that the bridge (stamped Bristol Violin Shop) has a slightly lower than standard (than usual) height over the
    end of fingerboard on the G string,(just under 5mm,circa 4.9mm) the
    tailpiece has 4 integral adjusters (wittner type), was strung up with
    infeld red thomastik strings (the four strings have a red winding at
    pegbox, the g string has a yellow winding at tailpiece,the d string has
    a dark green winding at tailpiece,the a string has a dark blue winding
    at tailpiece, the gold plated e string has a red winding at tailpiece).
    the violin was in a Hiscox rectangular lifelite violin case with strap
    and black cover.


    Case code OVNC from Hiscox website.

    In case a hexagonal violin bow (the bow has a very small paper bush
    between brass eye and frog which can be seen if the brass eye is
    unscrewed). Quite strong stick,straight
    and resprung. Value £425 - £450.


    There were additionally two dusters, a box of rosin a black shoulder rest (Kun) and a set of spare strings. In the side of the case were four pieces of music, Suzuki Book 6, Scales and Arpeggios Grade 6, Mozart Concerto in G major and Melodie by Gluck. In the compartment at the end of the case was the original price tag from the Bristol Violin Shop which is orange and had the then price of £750.

    1 viola about thirty years old, (bought 1977) length circa 15 inches and a half, had the neck reshaped as the original neck was too thick for playing comfort, had the fingerboard reshaped to a 38mm radius curve, had a new (deluxe quality wood) bridge fitted. Tailpiece with four integral adjusters, strung with helicore medium d'addario strings.
    The viola was in a ordinary shaped case with a brown zipped cover.
    In the case were two bows, 1 ordinary quality nickel mounted bow
    (replacement value circa £100) and 1 nice silver mounted viola bow
    handmade in china and selected there by youcheng su (ex bournemouth sinfonietta player etc) with silver lapping, french style pearl fittings on frog, a nice and responsive round stick. (replacement value for that bow circa £500)
    In the case was a black adjustable shoulder rest (possibly kun).


    Shoulder rest now thought to be Kun. Also in the case there were a set of old strings, an old rosin and some old programmes from concerts at Bangor University in English and Welsh.


    Thank you very much.

    Ann Taylor

    The following items went missing at a Bus stop in the vicinity of
    Waverley Station, Edinburgh on 5th of November 2004.
    A full size violin labelled Guarnerius, two piece back, signs of a new neck
    fitted in the past. Varnish on the back is lighter colour than the front of
    the violin.
    There is a patch repair to the left rib as viewed from the front of the
    Scuff marks on the lower front bouts of the violin.
    The violin was contained in an oblong violin case, beige/light brown canvas
    cover with green velvet lining. Inner pocket on L/H side of case recently
    repaired in a slightly different green to rest of interior.
    Also in the case were four violin bows.

    A violin bow, gold /tortoiseshell mounted frog by Bultitude.
    A violin bow, ebony frog, silver mount stamped Hermann 
    A violin bow, ebony frog, silver mount by Bernadel.
    A violin bow, unmarked.

    If you receive any news as to the present whereabouts of the violin , case
    and bows, please make urgent contact with PC 5270 Grierson at Saint Leonards
    Police Station, Edinburgh on 0131  556  9270 quoting reference 295049.
    Alternatively, please contact Mike Blackledge at Allianz Cornhill Musical
    Insurance on 01892 703133 .
    Thank you for your kind co-operation

  • These are the details for my violin and 2 bows which were stolen at a Paris metro station (Trocadero) on the evening of Tuesday 19th October 2004.
    Violin: Labelled 'Paolo Fiorini Taurini Faciebat anno 1927'

    Description: The one piece maple back displaying a medium curl ascending from left to right, the maple ribs of similar curl to the the back, the maple head of medium curl, the table of medium grained spruce opening out towards the flanks, the varnish of a transparent light amber colour.
    Length of Back: 362mm
    Upper Bout: 171mm
    C Bout: 112mm
    Lower Bout: 209mm
    Body Stop: 194mm

    The violin is in good condition and was valued in 2002 at being worth AU$8000.

    Bow 1: A German violin bow stamped H. R. Pfretzschner.  The bow was made in the first half of the 20th centuryt. The pernambuco stick is mounted in silver and ebony. It was valued in 2002 as being worth AU$4,500.
    Bow 2: A German bow stamped Albert Nurnberger.  The bow is the work of Franz Albert Nurnberger II of Markneukirchen.  The pernambuco stick is mounted in silver and ebony with a ring and eye decoration.  It was valued in 2002 as being worth AU$5,500.
    If anyone can help, please email
    Many thanks.

    On Tuesday 19th October a full-size cello in a hard fibreglass case was stolen from a property in Southgate, London, N14. The cello is probably of German or East European origin and about 100 years old. It is a light brown colour and has a repair done to it along the back. The case is black with a few scratches and red marks on the top, and has a tan leather carrying strap.
    There is a crime reference number for this stolen item:
    If it is brought in to you, please contact Enfield Police on:
    020 8345 4441
    My contact numbers are:
    020 8351 6080 or 07773 109412

    Dear friends,

    I wonder if you could help me by publicising a violin which was stolen on Monday evening from my car which was parked in Edgware, outer London.
    Stupidly we never took photos or wrote down details of distinguishing marks.  It was a lightish yellow-brown colour with some scratches on the woodwork.  It had been valued for insurance some years ago at about £1600 so that may give a clue if it should come your way.  It was in a blue asymetric case and (maybe the thieves didn't look) it had some grade 7 pieces - the general grade 7 book + Shindler's List - in the zip compartment on the side. 
    I've just spoken to our insurers (Allianz Cornhill, phone 0870 2400 303, our policy no. OA/09818414/11) - they suggested that if anything suspicious did appear you might be able to hang on to it temporarily while you called them to verify the situation.
    Alternatively you could call or e-mail me - 020 8883 7453 (I work from home most of the time),
    Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who may be able to assist.
    Many thanks.
    Steve Miller
  • My violin has a yellow-brown varnish. The sticker inside reads "Vincenzo Sannino Rome 1958". Two-piece back, maple wood, with a bold descending curled grain. Table is spruce with a fine straight grain. Black pegs with gold detail.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Ruth Coutinho


    This is to notify you about several instruments missing after a burglery in our house in North London around August 15th.

    • Cello by CARCASSI 1752.Beautiful light honey colour, very sound condition, unusually high bridge, high arching, black carbon fibre spike, brown canvas covered hard caseby Gewa. A bow with loose and torn hair.
    • Cello by SCHWEITZER 1880 Strad modell, reddish colour, deep ribs, beautiful back, in a black hard case broken on top and over bridge.
    • Cello by GLIGA 2000 Rumanian, in a white Stevenson case.
    • Violin MITTENWALD school cca 1820, tartan case.
    • Viola by F ALBERTI, very small size.
    • Cello bow by TUBBS, painted black, wearing off on the middle
    • Violin bow by HART & SON  gold mounted, repaired at tip.
    Please tell as many as possible and if you have knowledge of any of these instruments please get in touch with
    Susie Meszaros
    Chilingirian Quartet
    07985 588904
    Pal Banda
    19 Holden Rd
    North Finchley
    London N12 8HP
    Tel/Fax 020 8343 8935
    07930 560013


  • Violin stolen from Gatwick to Reading train 17/07/04 .
    A Conchubhar Ruiseal Violin, Del Gesu model , Dublin 1993 and a Chanot violin
    bow , with the mother of pearl dot near the frog quite worn .They were in a
    small, light  , bright green violin case . Any help would be greatly appreciated
    With thanks
    Romey Doyle

  • These are the details of a violin left on a train in Chesterfield, terminating at Sheffield, on Friday 9th July 2004.
    by J. Thibouville - Lamy
    Label inside marked "J.T.L."  with a picture of a sun.
    I would be grateful for a listing as you never know if we may get a result.
    Many thanks,
    Ken Brown. 
    11 Grange Road,
    Buxton Derbys.
    SK17 6NH        Tel: 01298 25793 
  • Dear sir/madam,
    These are the details of a violin left on a train in Chesterfield, terminating at Sheffield, on Friday 9th July 2004
    by J. Thibouville - Lamy
    Label inside marked "J.T.L."  with a picture of a sun.
    I would be grateful for a listing as you never know if we may get a result.
    Many thanks,
    Ken Brown. 
    11 Grange Road,
    Buxton Derbys.
    SK17 6NH        Tel: 01298 25793 

  • My violin was stolen at roughly 12:15 am on friday June 18, 2004 in Toronto, Ontario
    My car was parked at College and Spadina, and the window was smashed, and the violin stolen
    The violin is a 18th century german no-name, believed to be Tyrolese school
    It is a dark brown colour, has a one-piece back, and has several surface cracks on the front around the bridge and tailpiece, the back has one notable crack very near the top which is a horizontal crack across the middle of the back right below the beginning of the neck
    The violin was in a Blue canvas BAM backpack case, rectangular in shape.
    Also in the case were two bows, one cheap spare and one french bow, as well as a Schertler surface microphone which was attached underneath the strings between the bridge and tailpiece, the box for the Schertler was also in the case
    A $500 reward is beaing offered for anyone who returns the instrument
    Drew Jurecka
    (416) 909-1094
    thank you
    Please help recover 2 full-size violins stolen June 20 or 21, 2004 in Minneapolis, MN.  Brief descriptions:
    Violin #1
    Case --  Rectangular, older, green 'canvas' case, green interior, leather green trim
    Bows - 2  pernambuco (wood) bows: one by John Horst, the other by Finn Meyer (imprinted)
    Violin -- Made by Scott Cao -- Model # STV-850.  Inside label "Copy of Paganini's Il Cannone By Guarneri Del Gesu, 1743"
    Violin #2
    Case -- Black canvas, molded with curved top, blue interior, relatively new
    Bow - 1 bow: Spiccato, B. Rolland Paris
    Violin -- Made by Finn Meyer, Meyer Violin Shop, Minneapolis - signed parchment label "Finn Meyer, Minneapolis" -body length 13 11/16"
    Note - The instruments and bows could be switched between cases.
    If you see anyone with either violin, immediately call Minneapolis police Sergeant Carlson (612-673-3546).  EMAIL  --  Indicate this is Minneapolis police case #  04-152181. 

  • The violin was stolen between 23-27 July 2003 near Keszthely, West of
    Hungary (at the Balaton lake).
    Violin: is labeled BINDENNAGEL and was made in 1827. It is a full size
    violin of dark brown/reddish color. Has a repaired crack of circa 12 cm
    on the back.
    Case: Black hard cover (violin shaped), with green velvet interior.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Sophie Felfoldi
    E-mail: Fax : 31-70-3106241

  • Two cellos stolen in Ealing  on the evening of Thursday 24th July

    7/8 Red-orange English cello in black Hickcox flight case:

    Orange /red-brown 7/8-sized cello. Thought to be English early 19th-century, possibly Thomas Crowther.  Very distinctive 'flamed' markings on centre of back and on side ribbing.  Dark circular mark on front right.  Set up with Larsson strings (turquoise string binding at adjusters) and S. & E.M. Turner marked bridge.  Polymer tail piece and new spike, with gold-coloured spike socket.

    • 2 bows in case - one a spliced 'G.Tubbs' bow with silver end missing. The other was a black fibre glass bow.
    • Case - black Hickcox flight case, with 'Wiener Akademische Philharmonie' sticker on head of case.  Maroon velvet inside case and cello wrapped in multi-coloured silk scarf.

    Full-size German dark brown cello in distinctive maroon case with stickers:

    • Dark brown full-sized German cello, 19th century.  Maker unknown. Has slightly worn fingerboard.
    • One bow in case. 
    • Distinctive smooth maroon hard case, with numerous stickers, including some with country flags.
    If, by any chance, you come across these instruments, please call Southall Police Station on 020 8246 1065, quoting crime reference number 2523597/03.
  • A violin bow made by William Geary was stolen from our shop sometime during May.

    Violin bow by William Geary, London, circa 1920.  Faintly stamped. 
    Silver and ebony mounted.  Silver face.  Round stick of dark brown colour.
    Made in the style of James Tubbs.  

    Paul & Karen Ayres
    P & K Ayres (Violins),
    69-71 School Lane,
    M20 6WN

    This is an unusual bow and if you are offered one for sale we would be grateful if you could phone us on 0161 448 1860.

  • Please could you let us know if you become aware of a cello, two bows in a cello case that were stolen from a car in North London on Sunday evening, 15th June 2003.
    Crime reference number: EK2324745/03V
    Details are as follows:-
    1. Cello
    By Andrew Riley 1976 (made Newcastle-upon-Tyne?).  Distinctive crazed varnish in light orange/brown colour with a few minor chips on top right front, a lighter brown patch on top left front and brown tail piece.
    2. Bow
    Silver mounted cello bow branded Otto Dolling.
    3. Bow
    German silver mounted cello bow branded Lothar Siefert
    4. Black Hiskox cello case
    If you come across any of the above we would be very grateful if you would let us know on any of the following numbers:
    Diana Ashman: 0207 580 2924}
    Rusty Ashman: 0207 352 4001}  daytime

  • Stolen from Ardingly College (amongst other instruments)mid March 2004,Small full size 18th Century violin, possibly from the Albany school, unlabelled.  One piece back, grafted griffin head, with a fully stamped Hill bow.  Owner desperate for recovery.  Please contact Peter Ratcliff on 01273 720160 or
    Many thanks.

  • Two Violins taken along with assorted other items in a residential house burglary over Memorial day weekend. 
    Description as from insurance papers follows;
    Violin 1.
    The back is carved from a single piece of curly maple, The deep, medium narrow figure descending somewhat from left to right. The sides are cut from a maple of similar figure. The grafted scroll is of somewhat fainter curl while the neck is deeply flamed. The top is carved from a quartered and joined fliche of spruce of straight, mostly medium width grain. The instrument is ebony mounted. The red brown varnish displays considerable intentional antiquing while there is additional wear from use and flaking particularly on the top.
    Length: 359mm (14 1/8 inches)
    Bouts, Upper 169mm, Middle 114mm, Lower 207mm
    Sides: Upper 32mm, Lower 32.5mm
    Stop: 193mm Mensura 131mm
    The label is printed in black, bordered and reads, Nicola Figarini, Fecit Turin 1927 "27" (is handwritten)
    Violin is worth $2000.00 (1997 estimate)

    Violin 2.
    The violin appears to have been made 1750-1780, The back is carved from a quartered and joined fliche of curly maple, The narrow flame descending very slightly from the joint. The sides are cut from matching figure. The grafted, considerably repaired and worn scroll is without figure while the later neck displays strong, medium width curl. The relatively highly arched top is carved from a quartered and joined fliche of straight, uneven spaced grain. The heel is crowned in ebony. The instrument is varnished a faintly red brown, largely obliterated at the back except in protected area such as channels.
    Length: 354mm (13 15/16 inches)
    Bouts, Upper 166mm, 112.5mm Lower 203mm
    Sides: Upper 29mm Lower 30mm
    Stop: 195mm
    The Label is printed in black and reads, Francesco Ruggeri detto il per im Cremona anno 1698
    Violin is worth $17,500.00 (1997 estimate)

    Both violins had case and bows Bow1 had bow described as a modern German bow, light brown stick, plain ebony frog, silver mounted, weight 60.5 grams. The stick is branded "Germany" on the lower facet on the butt, it is stamped "Albert Nurnberger" above the frog. Value $2500.00 (1997 estimate).
    Bow2 of German origin, round dark brown pernambuco stick, The handle is showing heavy wear, The ebony frog is mounted in nickel with parisien eyes, divided nut, obliterated stamp, possibly school of Knopf, weight 61.5 grams. Value $1200.00 (1997 estimate).

    Any information regarding the above please contact detective Randy Diamond of the Hudson Falls Police Department. (518) 747-0273. or email: HFPDDETECTIVE@ADELPHIA.NET   

  • My cello was stolen from my home near Bradwell Essex (between Braintree &
    Coggeshall) on Friday 11 April 2003.
    CELLO:  The cello is of early 20th century German origin, maker unknown.
    The body is slightly longer than more recent instruments.  It measurements

    Body         761 mm
    mensure      407 mm
    neck length  278 mm
    rib height   116 - 118 mm
    U. bout      347 mm
    C. bout      243 mm
    L. bout      435 mm

    Varnish is brown over an amber ground transparent and is *not* original.
    The top is two pieces spruce with grain 1.5 - 3 mm.  there are cracks at
    saddle, soundpost, treble f hole, and wing, all repaired.  The back is two
    piece maple with subtle flame ascending from the center joint.  The ribs are
    plane maple with several repaired cracks.  The scroll is maple and has been
    repaired where a crack goes from the A to C pegs, mainly on the treble side.
    The blocks and lining are spruce.  It is in sound condition and has
    excellent tonal qualities.
    BOW:  The bow is branded "M. MEURER" and was made in the mid 1990's in
    Wisconsin, USA.  The color is brown with light flame and the wood
    pernambuco.  It is octagonal with a bone headplate and silver wrap.  The
    frog is made from ebony and has silver mountings (heel plate, ferrule, and
    underslide).  The slide is mother of pearl and the eyes are Parisian with
    silver rings.  The button is three piece with a Parisian eye.  The weight is
    82.5 grams with hair and wrap.
    CASE: the case is SKB black molded vinyl.  The interior is blue velour.  One
    foot is missing and it has a black luggage strap that is not original.  It
    also contained one full set of strings, rosin, mute, and rockstop.  Also, a
    turquoise coloured piece of sweatshirt material normally is over the strings
    and bridge of the cello in it's case.

    I will offer a reward for information leading to the return of my cello!

    Thanks again,

    Linda Cottrell  

  • Dear Friends in Music,
    Friday, February 28, 2003, my cello was stolen from a rehearsal room in the Music Building at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, while someone was in there rehearsing.  I am trying to maintain hope that it may be found and would greatly appreciate any help.  The following is a description:
    Cello- “Cello is labeled ‘Yuri Gusev, Cleveland 1996 made from workshop of
    Michael D Goronok’ back is of 2 pieces maple with faint narrow to medium
    flames perpendicular to center joint.”  It is a 7/8 size cello.
    Bow- (there were two bows but I only have a specific description of one) “The round pernambuco stick of this Belgian cello bow is stamped J P Bernard the ebony frog is mounted with nickel.  The button is banded with ebony.  This bow weighs 81.5 grams and has a silver grip.”
    Case- “The Weber Deluxe cello case has an interior lined with crushed blue velvet.”  I also had a green rabbits foot and many stickers on my cello case including six European country stickers, other stickers from Europe, stickers about rock climbing, and peace through music.  In my case there was also music, rosin, and strings.
     If you could pass this information along and notify me, Emily Tuber, at or 860-617-4806 and/or Officer Sleeman, case number 03-3559, at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, 860-486-4800, with any information that would be greatly appreciated.
    Emily Tuber

  • 1922 Carlo Micelli Violin
    On Monday 10th February, my violin was stolen in Glasgow.
    It is a 1922 Carlo Micelli violin, and was in a navy blue oval case, with
    two bows.
    The violin is not only valuable but very important to me.
    I would appreciate it if you could contact if anything turns up.
    Patsy Reid

  • 3/4 Hofner Double Bass
    Plywood Bass made in West Germany. "2" is etched on back at the base of the neck. A large repaired crack is at the bottom of the bass by the endpin and the neck has repaired damage as well. The bridge has metal adjusters and the neck has a shiny finish. Bass was stolen in Toronto Canada along with the bass wheel, a mooradian bass case, a "Realist" pick up (gold coloured plate under the bridge) and the bass was strung with D'addario hybrid strings (the windings by the tailpiece are yellow and green).
    Reward available
    Please contact: Wesley Cheang (416)485-6491

  • Cello By Nicholas Francois Vuillaume, Brussells 1866, Labelled and branded with a serial number
    The bridge stamped "Michael D Hill", the back of mottled figure, the varnish of a red brown colour. Some 
    craquelling. There is a small repaired front sound post crack.
    Also a cello bow by and branded E Sartory à Paris. The round stick of dark red brown pernambuco, the mounts of silver and ebony. Condition, excellent. Both came in a SKP cello case.
    If you are offered either or both of these items, please contact S & E M Turner:
    1-5, Lily Grove
    NG9 1QL
    Tel: 0115 9430333
    For your information and protection, we feel we should inform you that the above items were sent on approval to Mr Albert Rheinhardt of Sinsheim, Germany. He then sold them to a Romanian named Galo Tschawo, rather than either paying for them or returning them to us as agreed.

  • 3/4 Cello Neurer scool c1880 
    Two piece back. One well repaired crack to lower f hole. otherwise in mint condition. unlabelled.
    Red/brown varnish. Taken in a tan coloured soft plastic case from a car boot on the M6 service station near
    Preston on Thursday 2nd August.
    £500.00 REWARD for safe return. 
    Please contact me or Police Consable Dave Haxby, Motorway Police Unit, Preston Lancs Tel: 01772 410487

  • Violin by Richard Duke c1770 (no label) Stolen/Lost 5th July 2001
    Baroque set-up, painted purfling, light boxwood pegs, black 'moustache' between F holes.
    In pale leather hard case, rectangular, with aquamarine interior.
    Also containing two baroque bows
    i Stamped 'Landwehr
    ii By coltman with distinctive, ususually light tip

  • Stolen Thurs 19th April Labeled Marcus Antonius Cerin fecit Venetiis anno 1808
    Length of back 35.7cms, two piece maple back cut half towards the slab, and with narrow flames running more or less horizontally. 

  • Violin by Jooannes Baptista Guadagnini, Parma 1760s
    Stolen on March 28th 2001 in London, Including three bows. At the time of the theft, the violin was in a rectangular case with a simulated snakeskin cover which is showing signs of wear. The lining of the case is in a dark blue velvet.
    The violin has a two piece back in maple with a irregular curl ascending from the centre joint.
    The table is of pine, slightly irregular grain of medium width.
    The volute of the head is old but nor original.
    Varnish of light brown colour, slightly polished polished over.
    The tailpiece is of ebony, a rosewood chin rest is fitted.
    At the time of the theft, the case contained three violin bows.
    (i)   One Bow by James Tubbs.
    (ii)  One Bow by Eugene Sartory with a pinned head.
    (iii) One German Bow.

  •  Giovanni Grancino, Milan 1690, Stolen from Harrow area Friday 26th January

Colour- Deep Red Brown
Back in two pieces, medium curl descending slightly from the centre joint. Sides similar. Head less
pronounced and plainer material. Table of pine- fine and even grain widening slightly towards the bottom flanks. 
Varnish/ Rich golden red brown. Fine example of makers work in a fine state of preservation

Fingerboard detail: Hill & Sons number R201 left-hand side Ealing string number 3143(A) right-hand side.

Length: 13.15/16"

In an oblong case with brown Louis Vuitton specially made cover.

If you receive any information as to the present whereabouts of this instrument, please make urgent contact with 
British Reserve Insurance (Mike Blackledge) on U.K. 01892 703 133 or 01892 703 442

  • Rodolfo Marchino, Violin made in Rome, Italy, 1981, stolen 13 November 2000 from London, England
    A. The instrument has a one piece back of attractive Maple of medium curl with matching wood used for ribs, head and neck.
    B. The table of fine-grained spruce of medium width of grain.
    C. The varnish is of a rich translucent red/orange hue on a golden ground.
    D. The pattern is after "A. Stradivari ". All measurements are normal.
    E. The chinrest - light brown boxwood
    Tuning pegs - brown boxwood with black pins
    Tailpiece - brown boxwood with one black stripe
    Endpin - brown boxwood with black pin
    Bridge - Stamped with name "Guiver"
    Strings - Pirastro eudoxa (G,D.A) gold E string
    F. Labeled Rodolfo Marchini

  • Hill Style Bow, stamped "Brian Alvey"
    Chestnut colour, gold ring/eye on ebony frog, gold tip, black lapping, round stick, Length: 74.6 cm
    Weight: 61 grams.

  • French Style Bow Copy, stamped "Voirin" Dark brown colour, silver-mounted on ebony frog, Ivory tip,
    Black whalebone lapping, Round stick, Length: approx 73.7 cm. Weight: 65 grams.

  • Case "American Case Company" metal sign inside case.
    A. Black exterior with zipper pocket, synthetic fabric.
    B. Black velvet interior lining with black cover and three pockets (one at end, two on sides.)
    C. Compartment for 4 bows with attachment for strings tube.
    D. Accessories in pockets (at time of theft):
    * 1 "Wolf" black shoulder rest.
    * 1 sound post adjuster
    * 1 electronic metronome
    * 2 "Pirastro Eudoxa" rosin, 1" Pirastro oliv" black rosin.
    * 1 Silver tuning fork.
    * 1 Blue pencil torchlight.
    * 1 Green "dampit" anti-humidity tube.

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