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About Us/Terms and Conditions
Cremona House Violin Shop
7 Perry Road
(Park Row)

Telephone/Fax  +44 (0)117 926 4617


Cremona House Violin Shop of Bristol has been in the forefront of the British violin, cello, viola, double bass and bows trade since it was established in 1879 by George Darbey in Bristol. Over a hundred years later and well into it's second century it has become one of the leading violin shops in Britain. Under the direction of Richard Bristow since 1979, this shop has developed a popularity and excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship and expertise.

Violinvaluations.com A project by Richard Bristow of Cremona House was created to be a one stop site. Our aim is to make the this site as interesting and informative as possible. As the site is designed for customer participation we welcome your views, news and comments on how we may improve the site wherever possible. Furthermore to provide a service for the player, teacher, student, instrument collector and dealer alike. Customers can buy and sell instruments and bows from this site. violinvaluations.com will act as agents, bringing both buyer and seller together. For this service there is a commission charged to the vendor. Only upon completion of a sale will violinvaluations.com receive their commission.

Online Shop Instrument sales (Ready To Play Policy) As Professional Restorers, Repairers and Makers, we only sell string instruments that have been properly Adjusted, Set-up and supplied ready to play. This FREE service is included in the price, so you will not be receiving your Violin, Viola Cello or Double Bass 'Straight from the factory Package (Bridge down etc). Professional upgrades are available by request, This includes better Strings, Bridge, Soundpost etc

On-line shop All violin viola cello and double bass string faults and breakages, will be sent back to the manufacturers for assessment before we can issue a credit or replacement. Un-opened or un-used strings will be exchanged immediately.
All Goods must be checked when received to ensure good working order and satisfactory condition and notified to us by telephone and confirmed by letter or email of any defects upon receipt within 48 hours of delivery.  
if in our judgment any item that has been wrongly priced, or information mistakenly placed, we remain the right to withdraw from any such transaction.
We remain the right to withdraw from any transaction without having to give a reason for doing so.

Instrument and Bow Appraisals. Information provided by customers may be limited or inaccurate our aim can only be to provide a helpful guide and general idea as to the type of instrument or bow you have and a price that might be achieved. It should therefore only be treated as guidance only, and if we felt it necessary we would try to put you in touch with a dealer in your vicinity who may be able to offer you further information. Any comments or appraisals we suggest from this site regarding an instrument or bow cannot be used for insurance purposes as a physical examination of the item would be required.
All information received is held in the strictest confidence, and unless otherwise advised your
privacy is respected at all times

Terms and Conditions
Any potential vendor placing an advert with us will be entering into a legally binding contract to pay our specified commission rate upon successful completion of a sale. Vendors will be requested for immediate payment. All chargeable classified adverts must be paid for before the advert is displayed on this website. All mention of violinvaluations includes it's employee's, associates, and anyone involved in the construction of this site

1. violinvaluations.com only acts as agent for the vendor 

2. violinvaluations.com displays information and pictures of instruments and bows on behalf of participating vendors and       
dealers, who are solely responsible for their content.

3. violinvaluations.com is not responsible for, nor does it warrant the accuracy of the information provided 

4. We can appraise an instrument and bow solely on the information provided, and although we endeavour to achieve a realistic    
assessment we cannot be held responsible whatsoever for any inaccuracies on information we may provide. However a more
accurate appraisal can only be achieved by a physical examination of the instrument or bow. Any appraisal we submit will be
as a guide only as to the possible value but cannot be taken to be true or accurate or used as a valuation for insurance purposes

5. violinvaluations.com it's employee's, associates, and anyone involved in the construction of this site cannot be held
responsible for any information that may be deemed wrong, misleading or otherwise when given to us by advertisers or persons requesting information to be posted on this site. All classified and other adverts and their content remain the responsibility of the person placing the advert, and should be checked for accuracy, any mistakes or errors should be notified to violinvaluations by email as responsibility for any errors the are not the liability of violinvaluations.com.

6. violinvaluations.com acts only as a third party in any transactions regarding items belonging to advertisers and as such cannot be held responsible before, during or after any sale has been completed, and any disputes are between the person who placed the advert and the purchaser only.


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